Ed Reader - Biography

Ed Reader (aka Rock Dog)

Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

Ed is originally from upstate NY and has attended Tennessee Tech where he obtained his Engineering Degree and started his career. After several years in the business world having a "real job" Ed realized something was missing in his life and rekindled his passion for music and specifically the guitar. 


After getting the rust off, getting his chops back and re-acquainting himself with music, Ed helped to start a local band, The Holdouts in 1994. The Holdouts successfully played Middle Tennessee clubs for 5 years and relased two original CDs. One song was even "borrowed" by a major Nashville artist and went on to be a #1 hit.  Due to an out-of-court settlement no more can be disclosed here but come out to our next gig, buy Ed a beer and tip the band well and he may just tell you more. After the Holdouts, Ed had several line-ups making up the long running band Fossil Rock which played Middle Tennessee for almost 12 years before officially retiring in early 2009. Ed joined Bad Dog shortly after in 2009. He did have a couple periods of absence from Bad Dog since 2009 but Ed is back in the fold and ready to help take Bad Dog to the next level. Ed has performed hundreds of gigs all over Middle Tennessee as well as taking the stage in Kentucky, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and even Canada.  


Ed has been living in Middle Tennessee since 1990 and presently lives in Manchester, Tennessee, the home of Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival. 

Ed has played a wide variety of Gibson, Fender, PRS and other electric guitars over the years. His current No.1 guitar is a Fender Signature Eric Johnson Thinline Stratocaster and his No.2 guitar is a "Partscaster" he made with a neck and body from Guitar Mill in Murfreesboro, TN. He loaded it with Fender Texas Specials.  Ed has played through many Fender, Marshall and other amplifiers over the years too. From full stacks to small combos. His current Bad Doggin’ amp is either a VOX AC15C1 or a Boss Katana 100 Combo. For guitar pedals, Ed uses Xotic BB Plus, EP Booster, JHS Morning Glory, Fulltone OCD, Mooer Ensemble King Chorus, Boss DD-3 Delay, Boss TU-3 Tuner, and Boss WL-50 wireless. Rock Dog is a self confessed gear junkie, so swapping gear is a way of life. You will never be guaranteed what he is playing until the show starts!

Ed rides a 2002 Harley Davidson Road King FLHR, Rich Luxury Red. It's been upgraded to S&S 510 Cam with gear drive and several other higher performance features like true dual exhaust. 

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