About Bad Dog

The genesis of Bad Dog began in 2006 through a collaboration of Jim Hagaman and Ron Tiefenbacher performing Christian music. As time went on, Jim and Ron found that their voices and instrumental styles were very complimentary and decided to expand the scope to include an entire band. Soon they realized that they needed to go back to their roots in popular music in order to satisfy their musical yearnings. Bad Dog Band was officially formed in 2007 and has been providing quality performances of standard Rock classics ever since.

The band members have changed from time to time but their passion for music has only grown. With each new member's sharing of musical interests and ideas the band's music has evolved, offering 4 separate lead vocalists and 4 part harmonies while covering music of the 60's through today.

Don Pearl joined the band in 2008 and helped solidify the drive and dynamics of our sound. Frank Fish joined the band
in 2020 for his first time with the band along with Ed Reader who returned in 2017 for the third time further defines the band's sound. 
Frank with his rock solid "in the pocket" grooves and Ed with his expert technical skills as a guitarist, not to mention finalizing the balance, quality and special effects of the bands sound through the "front of house"
control of the sound board. 

Bad Dog has performed for a wide variety of performances both public and private, including outdoor festivals, church events, night clubs, private parties and corporate events with attendance ranging from 50 to 15,000.

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Dog Bios

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